Can I get a new roof in the winter?

Posted on 28 January 2022

Are you wondering “Can I get a new roof in the winter?” If so, you’re not alone. This is a question asked by many property owners when they’re thinking of replacing their roofs. Fortunately, the answer is usually yes, especially if you hire experienced roofers who are confident working in all weathers. Read on to find out more about getting a new roof in winter.  

Can you replace a roof in the winter? 

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Whilst some roofing companies won’t replace a roof in winter, most will. Those that don’t are usually inexperienced and lack the skills to carry out the work safely in inclement weather. At Raven Roofing and Repairs, we can usually replace roofs every month of the year, using the right techniques and precautions every step of the way. We’ll guarantee the same standard of work whatever the season. 

Is replacing a roof in winter dangerous?

Winter roofing can be dangerous in wintry weather. This is because surfaces can become wet and icy, making them slippery and raising the risk of slips and falls. When working at height, the result can sometimes be fatal. Therefore, it’s important to hire an experienced roofing contractor to replace your roof. We can work in all conditions safely, making sure the risk of accidents is kept to a minimum.  

Are shingle roof replacements possible in winter?

Unfortunately, winter isn’t the ideal time of year for shingle roof replacements. This is because the low temperatures can lead the materials to harden or freeze, and eventually crack under the pressure of a tool or nail. The best temperatures to install shingle roofs are between 4 and 26 degrees C. If the cold weather falls below these temperatures, the shingles can become weak and brittle and more likely to break. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to store the materials in a warm place before working in sub-zero temperatures.

What about a metal roof? 

Whilst shingle roofs can be more challenging to install in winter, metal roofs are far less problematic. This is because the metal roof installation process is different. Unlike shingles roofs where the adhesive is affected in lower temperatures, metal roofs don’t use adhesive, which means the weather doesn’t impact the installation. Additionally, water can’t travel upwards on metal roofing due to its design. Snow simply slides off it too, reducing the risk further. 

Do roof replacements take longer in winter?

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Due to the more challenging weather conditions, you can expect a roof replacement to take longer in winter. You should also keep in mind that roofers tend to be busier during this season due to the extra demand. Roofers usually get a lot more calls at this time of year due to the low temperatures and rain causing people to assess their roofs. After spending much of the year assuming their roof is fine, people will work out that it isn’t in great shape and call up their local roofer to help. Since roofers are very busy in winter and the weather isn’t ideal, you can expect your roof replacement to take slightly longer. 

The most common roofing problems in winter 

Adverse weather conditions in winter can be taxing for your roof, with rain, wind, snow and ice causing a multitude of problems. The biggest are icicles, ice dams, loose or lost shingles, damaged flashing, and damaged underlayment. These are all issues to be aware of once winter sets in. Many people think icicles are harmless, however, they can bring down gutters in some cases, with particularly heavy icicles causing significant stress to your roof and even contributing to rotting. 

Ice dams are just as concerning, and occur when the heat from the inside of your house isn’t distributed equally across the roof. So when the snow and ice melt, the water collects in cold areas, freezing to form an ice dam. Since these ice dams can prevent water from running off the roof, leaks can occur. Make sure to check your roof for icicles and ice dams in winter. If you notice any of them, call a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Hire Raven Roofing in Grimsby and Louth

Now that you know the answer to “Can I get a new roof in the winter, you may be looking for experienced roofers in Grimsby and Louth. If so, look no further than Raven Roofing and Repairs. We’ve been installing and repairing roofs on domestic and commercial properties in the area for several years, building a fantastic reputation for ourselves. We’re a family-run company that is trusted by generations of families and businesses. Unlike some companies, we carry out roofing work throughout the year, using the best techniques and following the necessary health and safety precautions. 

Roofing installation and repair services 

At Raven Roofing and Repairs, we not only install roofs. We also carry out a full range of repairs, with no job too big or small for our team to handle. Whether you’re dealing with damaged shingles, broken flashings, rotten fascia boards or soffits, shrinkage, clogged gutters, wind damage or leaks, we can assist. We’ll carry out work promptly and to a high standard, returning your roof to the optimal condition as quickly as possible. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your roof, it’s important to get it inspected by an experienced roofer right away. This will help to avoid any smaller issues escalating into bigger, more costly problems. 

Contact us 

If you’re still wondering “Can I get a new roof in winter?”, talk to one of our team. Our roofers in Grimsby and Louth will be happy to discuss your roofing needs with you. We’ll let you know if we’ll be able to replace your roof in the current weather conditions. Call us on 01472 565 084 or 01507 640 072 or send us a message online to get in touch.


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