Can roofing be done in the winter? [Infographic]

Posted on 24 January 2021

With winter setting in and the weather forecast to get worse before it gets better, you may be wondering if roofers are still working and available to repair or replace your home’s roof. So can roofing be done in the winter? At Raven Roofing, we work all year round, providing professional and affordable roofing in Grimsby and Louth. Read on to find out more about hiring roofing services in the winter. 

Can roofing be done in the winter [infographic]

Does roofing work stop in the winter months?

No, roofing work doesn’t stop during the winter months. The best roofing contractors will provide an all-year-round service, there for you come rain or shine. Roofing problems are common during winter, and so ceasing roofing repair or installation services would be a disaster. As long as work is carried out by experienced roofers in Louth or Grimsby and the correct safety precautions are taken, roofing can still go ahead. Cold temperatures aren’t ideal for roof installations. However, work can still be carried out to a high standard. You can rely on our team at Raven Roofing to provide a service that’s second to none. We aim to surpass your expectations at any time of the year.

Do all roofing companies work in the winter? 

Whilst many roofing firms in Lincolnshire continue work as normal throughout the winter months, some do set down tools and wait for the bad weather to pass. Raven Roofing isn’t one of them, with our team continuing to serve our customers from December right through to March. The reason some companies choose to stop work during the winter is that it can be dangerous. 

There are risks to working on slippery or damaged surfaces at height. Accidents are much more likely at this time of the year. Ice dams can cause additional complications that need to be dealt with too. Fortunately, if you enlist a team of experienced roofers, they will be able to deal with any obstacles head on. We have two decades of experience in winter roofing in Grimsby, Louth, and the surrounding areas. 

Are roofing problems common in winter? 

Winter is the worst time of year for your roof, with the colder weather causing a wide range of issues. Snow, ice, rain, and even wind can create significant problems for your home’s roof. Icicles can arise from freezing temperatures, forming as the snow on your roof melts, runs down your gutters, and then refreezes. Icicles may look pretty, but they can also damage your roof, causing rotting and even bringing down guttering. 

Ice dams can also occur in winter, developing as a result of ice collecting on the roof or beneath the shingles. A dam is formed since the water can’t run off the roof, becoming backed up underneath the shingles. Ice dams can sometimes to lead to indoor leaking. They need to be dealt with as quickly as possible in these cases. Don’t risk getting rid of the ice dams yourself if you lack roofing experience. Call in Raven Roofing and let our team of expert roofers in Grimsby remove them for you. 

Winter winds can also have a big impact on your roof, causing serious damage in some cases. Signs of wind damage to a roof include missing or loose shingles, peeling or curling shingles, chimney issues, granule loss, damaged fascia or soffits, and indoor leaks. Strong winds can also result in tree branches falling on and damaging your roof. Damage caused by winter winds should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent your roof and home being left vulnerable to further harm.

Choosing the right company for winter roofing work

Not all roofing contractors are confident working in the winter months, especially if the weather’s particularly bad. So, before you hire a company, it’s best to ask them about their experience working in the cold season. Do they have photos of jobs carried out during winter? This will help you to assess their roofing abilities when the weather’s not on their side. At the end of the day, whilst many roofers work all the year to fix and replace roofs, the best of them will guarantee the same standards of service regardless of the season.  

At Raven Roofing, we’ve been carrying out winter roofing for years, providing repair and installation services across the region. Working in the winter is simply a part of the job for us, with our team experienced and confident working on roofs when the weather’s not the best. We know the proper procedures to work safely at height. As well as carrying out a full risk assessment for every job, we also continually monitor weather forecasts and check wind speeds, helping us to anticipate unfavourable conditions. 

All our roofers have the necessary training to work at height during the winter months. Our team know how to work safely when bad weather sets in and recognise potential winter hazards. Roofers are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) too.  

Hire Raven Roofing for first-class winter roofing

Raven Roofing is one of the leading roofing contractors in the Lincolnshire area, carrying out roofing work on domestic, commercial, and local authority properties. We’ve spent 20 years establishing ourselves as a reputable and trustworthy roofing firm that our customers can rely on. Our team can work on all types of roofs, including flat roofs and tiled roofs. All work will be carried out to the highest possible standards using the best quality materials. 

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