How do I know if my chimney needs repairing?

Posted on 29 March 2022

Are you wondering “How do I know if my chimney needs repairing?” Then you’re not alone. Even though chimneys tend to be quite reliable structures, they do sometimes become damaged. Since a damaged chimney can be a serious fire hazard, it’s important to get repairs carried out as quickly as possible. Read on to discover the biggest signs your chimney is in need of repair. 

The biggest signs your chimney needs repairing 

Chimney repairs in Grimsby

Don’t make the mistake of taking your chimney for granted. Whilst it can work efficiently and safely for many years, problems can occur over time, and when they do, they can pose a major fire hazard. This is because any crack in the chimney can leak the heat into the surrounding walls, raising the risk of a house fire. Keep reading to learn the answer to the question “How do I know if my chimney needs repairing?”

Efflorescence or white staining

Have you noticed efflorescence on your chimney? If so, this should ring alarm bells. Whilst removing this white staining isn’t difficult, this doesn’t solve the underlying issue. Efflorescence is a sign that there’s excess moisture in the chimney’s brickwork. The substance is actually salt deposits that remain after the evaporation of excess moisture on the surface of the chimney. Common causes of efflorescence are a crack in the chimney structure, the chimney has not been properly sealed, and the chimney is missing a cap. If you don’t deal with the underlying problem, the chimney is only likely to deteriorate further. Enlist professional chimney repairs in Grimsby or Louth as soon as possible.

Mortar damage between the bricks 

Another clear sign that your chimney needs repairing is mortar damage between the bricks. If you notice that the mortar that is holding the bricks together has cracks or holes in it, you need to get it repaired right away. If you don’t, water can find its way inside, causing further damage and accelerating the deterioration of the whole chimney. This can lead to a bigger repair bill further down the line. Mortar damage can be repaired using ‘tuckpointing’, which involves routing out the damaged mortar and replacing it with new, fresh mortar. At Raven Roofing and Repairs, our experienced roofers can carry out tuckpointing using the latest, most effective methods and materials. 

How do I know if my chimney needs repairing?


Rust in your firebox or damper is always a bad sign since it usually indicates that there is excess moisture in the chimney. Whilst you might not notice rust on the damper right away, it’s probably present if it’s not sealing well or operating properly. Too much moisture in your chimney can lead to some serious damage occurring, including cracked flue tiles. A chimney repair company can use a special camera to assess the flue lining and ensure the chimney system hasn’t been breached. If it has, there’s the risk of a house fire occurring and the problem needs to be addressed immediately. 


Spalling is what happens when the bricks in the chimney begin to crumble and dislodge. There can be various causes, however, old age and interior mortar are usually to blame. If you find chunks of bricks or even whole bricks have come loose, this indicates that spalling is occurring. Spalling must be fixed as soon as possible to avoid your chimney deteriorating completely. To fix a spalling chimney, we need to remove the damaged bricks and replace them with new bricks and mortar. We can also add a waterproof sealant to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. 

Chimney crown damage

To find any damage to the chimney crown, you’ll need to go onto your roof. The crown is a very important part of the chimney’s overall structure, protecting it during periods of bad weather. Therefore, if it’s cracked, moisture can find its way into the chimney, leading to larger cracks forming. Water can seep between the chimney and flue lining too, which could result in spalling. We recommend weatherproofing the chimney crown to provide it with protection against the elements.

Chimney repairs in Grimsby 

If you require chimney repairs carried out, look no further than Raven Roofing. We are highly experienced roofers in Grimsby and regularly perform repairs to chimneys of all types. We’ve been serving the people of Grimsby, Louth, and the surrounding areas for many years, building a fantastic reputation for ourselves. If you think your chimney needs repairing, don’t delay. 

There should be a huge sense of urgency when it comes to repairing your chimney. Not only can a potentially fatal house fire occur in the worst cases, but smoke containing dangerous gases like carbon monoxide can be emitted into your home, potentially causing serious illness. We recommend having your chimney inspected regularly so that repairs can be carried out at the first opportunity. When problems are missed or ignored, they will only get worse and can also become a lot more expensive to fix. 

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“How do I know if my chimney needs repairing?” is a very common question, with most people simply unaware of just what to look for when assessing this part of their home for damage. For chimney repairs in Grimsby or Louth, get in touch with Raven Roofing and Repairs today. Call us on 01472 565 084 or 01507 640 072 to discuss your requirements with one of our team. Alternatively, request a callback via the website. We’ll aim to get back to you as soon as we can. Even if you don’t have any problems with your chimney right now, it’s a good idea to arrange regular inspections so that issues can be identified at the earliest possible stage. 

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