What are the signs that I need my roof repaired?

Posted on 21 June 2022

Your home’s roof should last several years. However, external factors such as bad weather and falling trees can lead to premature damage which means repair work needs to be carried out as soon as possible. If you’re wondering “What are the signs that I need my roof repaired?”, read on. 

7 Big signs your roof needs repairing

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If you’re wondering if your home’s roof needs repairs, read on. These are some of the biggest signs that your roof has sustained damage and needs repair work carried out. At Raven Roofing, our roofers in Grimsby are on hand to repair your roof to the highest standards using the very best methods and materials. 

Leaks in your roofing system 

Leaks in your roof system can lead to water damage occurring in your home. This is usually the result of heavy rain or snowfall. Some of the biggest signs of water damage include stains on the walls or ceiling, blistering or peeling paint, and shiners. Shiners are nails that look white and shiny because of frost. The frost on them melts and drips as the attic warms up in the daytime, causing leaks.


If you’ve noticed mould growth on your roof, don’t ignore it. Mould is a good sign that your roof needs repairing sooner rather than later. It’s usually a sign of excess moisture build-up due to a leak. A leak can become a bigger issue if it’s not dealt with properly. If you suspect that your roof has mould, call our roofers in Grimsby who can carry out a full inspection for you.

Exterior roof damage 

Roof Repairs in Grimsby

Look out for damage to your roof’s exterior. Can you see any dirty or dark areas due to granules falling off the shingles? If so, this means that the shingles have aged and need replacing as soon as possible. Holes and punctures should also be dealt with quickly since they can expose your home’s inner structure, resulting in moisture build-up and potential leaks and rot. Ignoring these problems is a big mistake since they’re only likely to get worse over time.

Light leaking through 

If you’ve noticed light leaking through your roof, this is a clear sign that your roof is in need of repair. Go into the attic during the day and you’ll easily be able to see any gaps and holes that need to be repaired by where the light streams through. You might be tempted to avoid small gaps where daylight is coming through. However, they need fixing since they could soon escalate into a larger problem. 

Roof shrinkage 

When the EDPM membrane that coats your roofing materials shortens or shrinks, this is known as ‘roof shrinkage.’ The membrane protects the roof from extreme temperatures changes. Therefore, once it shrinks, it becomes exposed to various elements, leading to roof damage and potential leaks. If your EDPM membrane has shrunk, it may have been applied incorrectly in the first place, especially if it has shrunk within its expected lifespan. You’ll need to hire an experienced roofer to determine the cause of the shrinkage and re-install the membrane properly. Roof shrinkage needs fixing as soon as possible before the problem gets worse.

Debris in gutters 

When asking the question “What are the signs that I need my roof repaired?”, many experts will suggest looking in your gutters. If you notice there are granules in them, this may indicate that your roof’s shingles are deteriorating. This may signal issues with the structural integrity of the whole roof. If your shingles have become unstable and the material has found its way into your gutters, it’s important to have your roof checked as soon as possible by a professional roofer. 

Increased energy bills

One sign that you need your roof repaired that you might not expect is increased energy bills. If you notice that your heating bills have shot up recently, this could indicate that your roof has holes in it that are causing warm air to leak out. Whilst high energy bills may not be down to a punctured roof, it’s worth having it assessed to rule it out. 

The importance of regular roof maintenance

Waiting until you have a big problem with your home’s roof means greater expense. Therefore, it makes sense to have regular maintenance carried out so that issues can be fixed whilst they’re still minor. Most roofing experts recommend that roofing maintenance is carried out at least once a year. However we belive you should od this even more frequently for roofs more than five years old. 

Roof repair services in Grimsby

Now that you know the answer to “What are the signs that I need my roof repaired?”, you may be looking to hire professional roofers in Grimsby. If so, look no further than Raven Roofing and Repairs. We have been carrying out roof repairs throughout the area for many years, building a fantastic reputation for our services. 

We have expert knowledge of all types of roofing systems and always use the best quality materials in our work. You expect repair work to be carried out to the very highest standards when you enlist our experienced roofing team. We serve both domestic and commercial customers in the Grimsby area. With many property owners using our services time and time again due to your professionalism, reliability and affordable rates.  

Contact us 

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