Will a new roof increase my home’s value?

Posted on 26 July 2021

There are many benefits to investing in a new roof for your property. As well as adding visual appeal, preventing water damage, and increasing energy efficiency, you may also be wondering if it can make your home more desirable in the property market. If you’re wondering “will a new roof increase my home’s value?”, keep reading. We’ve taken a closer look at how a new roof can impact your property’s worth.  

Why does a new roof increase a property’s value?

Will a new roof increase my home’s value?

A new roof can drive up your property’s value, ensuring it’s worth more should you come to sell it. Since first impressions count, it’s vital that the exterior of your home is in great shape. The roof is located in a prominent place at the top of your home, and so keeping it in optimal condition should be a top priority. Not only does a new roof boost kerb appeal, but it also tells potential buyers that the property has been well-maintained. Keep reading to find out why a new roof will boost your home’s value. 

Protects your home

Don’t underestimate the importance of your home’s roof. Your roof protects your property from water damage by acting as a catch basin, especially during periods of intense rainfall. If your roof isn’t able to direct the water into the gutters and downspouts, it may slide down the roof and collect around your home’s foundations. Water getting into your property, even in tiny amounts, is bad news. Not only can it cause mould, mildew, and health issues, but it can also result in costly structural damage. A property that has recently had a new roof installed is likely to be very appealing to potential buyers since they know that it will protect the property from water damage long into the future.


As well as protecting your home from water damage, a new roof is also more energy-efficient. Heat rises, which means that most of it escapes through the roof. This is the reason why heating bills tend to be higher in homes with badly insulated roofs. A new roof is more energy efficient since there are no gaps for the heat to escape through. Heat can be retained in the property, reducing the need to crank up the thermostat to keep warm. This can save you serious money on energy bills. A home that’s more energy-efficient and cheaper to run is very appealing to property buyers in 2021.

Boost your home’s kerb appeal

New Roof Grimsby

A roof that’s looking worse for wear doesn’t exactly get potential buyers excited. Cracked tiles, broken facias or gutters, and unsightly moss or leaves on your roof can turn people off, particularly as it gives them the impression that you’ve not looked after your home very well. A badly maintained roof tells them that there’s likely to be more mess inside the property. A new roof can greatly enhance your property, boosting its kerb appeal. Plus, when you replace your old, weathered roof with a new, more modern roofing system, it can make your home stand out amongst the other properties on your street.

How much value can a new roof add to a home?

Now that we know the answer to “Will a new roof increase my home’s value?”, let’s consider how much you can expect it can add. A new roof can add considerable value to your property. In fact, a recent study revealed that a new roof can give a return on investment (ROI) of as much as 63%. Comparatively, a new kitchen or bathroom or loft conversion could register an ROI of 49%, 48% or 50% respectively. This demonstrates the sheer power of a new roof for adding value to a property. Exactly how much value it can add depends on various factors, including the style of the roof, how it enhances your home architecturally, and the location of the property.

Selling your home? Get a roof survey done

When it comes to selling your home, it’s wise to have a roof survey carried out. For property buyers, one of the top concerns is roof worries. Whilst they should get a house survey to identify any major issues, it makes sense for you to check for any issues yourself. You don’t want to accept an offer from a buyer only for them to pull out once they realise there are problems with the roof. They may reconsider buying your home, try to renegotiate the price, or delay the purchase until you have fixed the issues. As a result, it’s sensible to ensure your roof has no major faults before you put it on the market. Book a roof survey and identify any problems before you begin the sales process.

Hiring a roofing company in Grimsby 

When it comes to hiring a roofing company, look no further than Raven Roofing. We’ve installed hundreds of new roofs in Grimsby and Louth, building a fantastic reputation across the region. Our team can fit a wide range of roofs systems to the highest possible standards. Whatever shape or material your roof is constructed from, we can assist you. We have many roofing materials to choose from, including slate, clay and concrete. All our new roofs are fully guaranteed to provide you with complete peace of mind.

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“Will a new roof increase my home’s value?” is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Raven Roofing. The good news is that yes, it will in most cases, particularly when work is carried out by experienced roofers in Grimsby or Louth. Call us on 01472 565 084 (Grimsby) or 01507 640 072 (Louth) to discuss your roofing requirements with one of our team. You can also send us a message via the contact form on the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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